Beacon Group provides baggage handling

Baggage Handling

From the moment a passenger drops off their baggage to loading the aircraft, Beacon takes care of it all. With our excellent system in place, we ensure the baggage is handled to the highest standard of an airport. We have a team committed to ensuring that a customer’s baggage is handled with care and reaches the destination safely.

Beacon Group looks after aircraft loading

Aircraft Loading

Beacon Group’s ground crew provides airports with an aircraft loading service, loading baggage and cargo that’s been through the baggage handling process. We aim to ensure that the loading is done according to airline safety standards and in a timely manner that allows the aircraft to depart on time. Our staff are trained to handle the cargo with care to ensure the integrity of the baggage.

Beacon Group covers your marshalling and dispatching needs

Aircraft Marshalling and Dispatching

Whether it’s guiding an aircraft to its allocated stand or to the required position for departure, Beacon’s aircraft marshalling and dispatching service provides it to an excellent standard. Beacon Group trains all its staff to IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations and standards which are internationally recognised throughout the airline industry. From the time constraints of a busy airport, Beacon provides a platform for a competent service to turn an aircraft around under a time constraint and provide excellent on-time performance for airlines.

Beacon Group can help with aircraft catering services


Beacon Group understands the catering requirements of an Airline and provide the service that fulfils these needs in a timely and safe manner.

Beacon Group helps with pushback, readying planes for departure


Beacon’s ground crew takes care of pushing the aircraft back, getting it ready for departure. We align the aircraft into the right position for the pilot to take control of manoeuvring the aircraft to the assigned runway.

Beacon Group will help with de-icing of aircrafts


New Zealand’s wild weather is a cause for snow and ice. Beacon Group’s service provides airports with their expertise to de-ice all types of aircraft to maintain safety standards and ensure a safe journey for passengers and aircrew aboard. All Beacon Groups de-icing staff are trained to industry standards to ensure for a safe flight.

Beacon Group ensures passengers board their aircraft efficiently and safely

Passenger Management

We ensure passengers get on their aircraft safely and efficiently. An Airport tarmac is a dangerous area with vehicles and activities going on to move an aircraft from arrival to departure.
Remember: No digital devices on the tarmac!